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Hello Hugo

Wow, it has been a while hasn’t it? I think the last time I blog was at 2019 about how I am going to start blogging more, which aged perfectly at this point.

Well, instead of actually blogging, from now on, I am planning on starting to share small thoughts, lessons I learn, things I discover and like. This page will be more like a public bookmark engine rather than a personal blog from now on. Hence, I am not gonna move previos blog entries.

I was planning on learning how to use a tool like Hugo or Jekyll for sometime now for Poltio Landing Page Since we are not updating that page often, using React is overkill. But before I start building Poltio landing page with a static site generator, I felt more comfortable of using my personal page as my playground for learning and I picked Hugo because I like Go.

Me switching to a static site generator for this site will bring another benefit, the old server that used to host my blog which was powered by Ghost was a virtual machine that was running an older version of Ubuntu. Since I forget to upgrade that machine for a while, it was impossible to do relaase upgrade on it anymore. Which is exactly I hate this update cycles (rolling release FTW) (i use arch btw). I wish cloud providers offer more distros that uses rolling release. Long story short, with something static like Hugo, I don’t need to manage my own hosting and just trust any cdn host to host and maintain my site. I picked Github Pages since I am a huge GH fan <3

Well, don’t get your hopes high, if my past blogs were any indication, this will be probably the first and last entry, but if the stars align, I will post about, learning and using lua for nvim, kubernetes and gke, using rust and gtk4 and go probably.



  • Published at: Wed Aug 17, 2022
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