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Full time day dreamer, part time software developer in love with gaming, manga and anime.



My New Neovim Setup with 100% Lua

I love vim. It gives me the same development environment via SSH even I am working on my iPad or a computer that I don’t normally use. But VSCode is good too, it can do pretty much anything that any other IDE does and it does it fast. VSCode is also very popular which makes the extension space really good. You can pretty much find any extension or theme that you want or need.

Hello Hugo

Wow, it has been a while hasn’t it? I think the last time I blog was at 2019 about how I am going to start blogging more, which aged perfectly at this point. Well, instead of actually blogging, from now on, I am planning on starting to share small thoughts, lessons I learn, things I discover and like. This page will be more like a public bookmark engine rather than a personal blog from now on.